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BABOK Agile Extension

Saturday, September 14, 2019 -
9:30am to 3:30pm
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Daca e toamna reincepe seria de "IIBA Study Groups" !!
Si anul acesta pastram traditia si incepem "Agile", intr-o sambata, cu "Babok Agile Extension V2" pentru "Agile Analysis Certification" (https://www.iiba.org/certification/specialized-business-analysis-certifications/agile-analysis/).

Based on IIBA BABOK AGILE Extension
Agile planning horizons: Strategy, Initiative, Delivery
Agile mind set adapted to business analysis
Role of the BA in each agile planning horizon
Scope, resources, time, feedback, team structure for each agile planning horizons
24 techniques specific to agile BA 

Trainer: Irina MINOIU

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Event Details: 
BABOK Agile Extension - content presentation for being prepared for the IIBA-AAC Certification (https://www.iiba.org/certification/specialized-business-analysis-certifications/agile-analysis/)
Event Location: 
Endava AFI 3 Business Park, 9th Floor, Pico Meeting Rooms
Location Name: 
Endava AFI 3 Business Park, 9th Floor
Event Directions: 
4G Vasile Milea BLV | 9th Floor | 061344 Bucharest | Romania
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Study Group