We are happy to encourage and develop a Continuous Mentorship Approach in the BA Community which is designed to provide active members with guidance and advice.
This mentorship activity has various forms and is already being supported by the Senior BAs and practitioners who go out of their way to help less experienced individuals establish goals and develop the skills to reach them. 
Through this culture we can help you acquire new skills, increase confidence, widen your perspective, avoid mistakes, enhance your career and life, and help you succeed.

What It Is

  • Collaboration between BAs on different levels of experience but mainly is recommended to happen between a Sr BA and a less experienced one
  • Clarification and documenting career goals
  • Concentrated professional development opportunities, including recommendations about job opportunities and possible candidates for BA roles in the market
  • Assessing BA “challenges” in the workplace
  • Contributing to individual growth for all the parties involved
  •  A networking opportunity
  •  Pursuing additional benefits of membership


  • Faster career growth for at least one of the parties involved, it is recommended for the Mentee at least
  • Improve BA skills and growth in BA profession
  • Improve immediate BA “challenges”
  • Network with more experienced BAs
  • Earn PDh/CDUs by finding about new opportunities to collect these points by attending to relevant events


  • Continuous mentorship
  • Meet regularly (at least once per month) and meet quarterly with other people who actively participate in this Mentorship Culture


  • By contacting us at the following email addresses with topics to discuss and we'll come back to you with next steps.

Looking forward to hear from you,
IIBA Romania